Buy Cannabis Edibles: Pot Brownies & Other Edibles

Pot brownies, weed brownies, cannabis brownies, or even weed cookies… whatever you call them, there are the most delicious way to experience cannabis. It is also a great alternative to smoking that you need to try when you buy weed online, especially if you have a sweet tooth.

Ready to shop cannabis online? Take a look at our selection of edibles and snacks below! Looking for other forms of cannabis edibles? Don’t miss out our selection of CBD gummies, chocolates, capsules and drinks.

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What are pot brownies and weed cookies?

Pot brownies, brownie edibles… Different names are used, but the idea behind it is very simple. Take a regular brownie or cookie and incorporate a cannabis product into it! Whatever the effects you are looking for, you will find products and recipes with THC, CBD or hybrid cannabis. Some recipes directly use the flowers, other oils or tinctures, but the results are the same: pot brownies and weed cookies are simply the most delicious existing form of cannabis edibles!

pot brownies cannabis edibles puffland

What are their benefits?

We could just tell you that they are the most delicious way to get cannabis, but pot brownies and weed cookies have much more to offer. They are an excellent way to protect your lungs, especially if you are suffering from asthma or cold. They have higher medical effects that other forms of cannabis, with a longer duration and smoother onset than smoking for example. On top of having the anti-cancer benefits, reducing anxiety or pain, pot brownies and weed cookies are a really discret way to consume cannabis. No smoke, no smell and available for you at any time.

weed cookies cannabis edibles puffland

How to consume pot brownies and weed cookies?

The quantity and dosage of the cannabis edibles you will buy online really depends if you are a regular cannabis user or not. Choosing Indica vs Sativa or THC vs CBD won’t necessarily impact taste but will make a big difference on the effects you will experience. Do you want to get high or not? Do you want to feel energized or relaxed?… Whatever the product you choose, when consuming pot brownies, weed cookies or any other form of cannabis edibles, what you need to have in mind is that, since it is going through your digestive system, the effects won’t be immediate. It can take from an hour to 4 depending on your own tolerance and the product potency. So be reasonable and take it one bit at a time!

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