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Chocolate lovers, celebrate! CBD chocolate bars exist. Like regular chocolate that exists in all kind of shapes and flavours, chocolate edibles offer the best of both world: the rich flavour of cacao and the relaxing benefits of CBD. Whether you want to reduce anxiety, stress, feel a bit down, tired or just have a sweet tooth, Puffland has the chocolate for you. There is no guilt in craving for multiple weed chocolate bars. Trust us, we tried all of them, they are delicious. Don’t wait any longer to buy weed online and try our cannabis edibles (CBD gummies, brownies, cannabis drinks, capsules, sleep…).

Ready to shop cannabis online? Take a look at our selection of chocolate edibles below!

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What is cannabis chocolate?

Different names might be used, but the results are the same: it’s delicious. Like regular chocolate bars, cannabis chocolate bars are made of cocoa, cocoa butter, sugar, but it also includes cannabis. Chocolate lovers can celebrate, chocolate edibles come in all shapes and forms, from chocolate bars to chocolate snacks and chocolate pot brownies. You even have THC and CBD chocolate snacks that just look like your favourite Reese, Nutella or Twix products!

cannabis edibles cbd chocolate with Puffland

Why should you buy chocolate edibles?

Should we really give you reasons to buy chocolate? First, chocolate edibles are as delicious as regular chocolate. It also comes in so many flavours and shapes that you can be sure that there is a weed chocolate for you, whether you are a beginner or a cannabis connoisseur, whether you want CBD or THC, whether you are looking for something just for you or to share.

cannabis edibles cbd chocolate with Puffland

How do you make it?

Learning to make weed chocolate is actually really simple. What you need is chocolate and cannabis tincture. Heat baking chocolate in a bowl on top of a pot of hot water. Once melted, add the tincture and mix. Pour into chocolate mods and let cool at room temperature. Voila! Your chocolate edible is ready!

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