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If you like the benefits of both Sativa strains and Indica strains but want the best of both worlds, look no further. If you buy weed online, you should go for Hybrid weed. Hybrid strains are cultivated with a mix of Sativa and Indica plants which makes it have distinct characteristics from the two strains. Because of this, Hybrids are able to provide properties that create both head and body highs. That being said, there are various types of Hybrids—some are more dominant in certain cannabinoids and terpenes. Whatever the cannabis online you are looking for, you will find it in our curated selection.

Looking for other forms of Hydrid cannabis? If you buy weed online with Puffland you will have the choice! We carry a wide selection of Hydrid weed products that you will like: Cannabis Edibles, CBD gummies, concentrates, CBD oil, topicals, and even CBD for dogs and CBD skincare!

Buying cannabis online is made easy and safely with Puffland to help you. We guarantee that all our Hybrid strains are of high quality.

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What Is Hybrid Weed?

The main thing you need to know when you browse through our collection of Hybrids is that they have a balance of Sativa and Indica qualities. Sativa is known to provide users with a cerebral, euphoric high effect. Indica weed acts oppositely and causes a more relaxing and sedative impact on the body. When you buy Hybrid weed, you are essentially getting a bit of both. Look to see if a strain is “Sativa-dominant” or “Indica-dominant”—this will inform you of the type of experience you’ll likely have when you use it. More often than not, when you’re buying weed, you for the most part aren’t getting a pure Sativa strain or pure Indica strain but instead a Sativa-dominant or Indica-dominant Hybrid strain.

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What Are The Different Types of Hybrid Weed?

3 main types of hybrid weed exist. If you buy weed online, you will commonly find sativa-dominant, indica-dominant and balanced hybrid strains. Sativa's will increase your focus and energy and are ideal for daytime use. They are associated with feelings of exhilaration and euphoria. Indica-dominant Hybrid strains will carry a higher concentration of THC and are more ideal for nighttime use as they can create more intense body effects. A truly balanced Hybrid strain of weed will hold a 50/50 balance of Indica and Sativa. This type of cannabis will work to provide an overall balanced effect that impacts both the mind and body.

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What Are The Best Hybrid Strains?

If you want to buy weed online and want the best hybrid strains, choose Gorilla Glue #4 (GG#4). These strains are a 50-50 blend of indica and sativa and can have up to 33% of THC. This potent hybrid strain delivers heavy-handed euphoria and relaxation, leaving you feeling “glued” to the couch. This hybrid weed is as popular among consumers as it is in the industry, and won multiple awards and prizes across the world. As our mission is to give you access to the best weed online in Canada, we, of course, carry this popular hybrid weed, and can't wait for your to try.

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