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Buy weed online with our selection of pre rolled weed joints. They are cheap, easy to use and can be shared with friends.

Because of the perceived poor quality of their weed or paper, pre rolled weed joints are often disregarded by cannabis consumers, who much rather buy weed online in the form of weed strains (indica, sativa, AA, AAAA+, hash…), cannabis edibles (gummies, chocolates…), CBD oil, concentrates or topicals. That is why Puffland only sell top-shelf cannabis joints that will give you the best cannabis experience.

All the cannabis joints we are selling here only include high quality cannabis. Buying weed online on Puffland is the guarantee that you will get the best cannabis products available in Canada for the best value.

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What Are Pre-Rolled Weed Joints?

As nugs of cannabis are moved from one jar to another, smaller bits of flowers (shake) fall off. After a day or two, the shake is collected to be used in joints. Nugs can be added to joints, after being grind down in a grinder. Pre-rolled weed joints are a cheap, discreet and disposable way to consume cannabis, and can be easy shared among friends.

pre rolled weed joint at puffland

How Can You Buy Pre Rolled Weed Joints? 

Prerolls come in different forms, either in singles or in packs. Size might also differ from one brand to another. Most weed joints you will be able to buy online are a half gram or more. Some weed joints you will be able to find when buy weed online are one gram and more.  Pre rolled weed joints can also come in packs from 1/3g to more than 1g. Whether you choose a lighter version or not will depend on your use and cannabis usual consumption habits. 

pre rolled weed joint at puffland

What Are the Benefits Of Buying Pre Rolled Weed Joints?

Want to buy weed online? Pre-rolled joint have lots of benefits! They are good for bargain shoppers. You sometimes even get more cannabis for the price. It is also a great way to try a little bit of everything since pre-rolled weed joints come in a wide variety of strains. Pre-rolled joints are also quick and easy to use. No need to know how to roll a joint, nor carry weed, paper and filter with you, your weed joints are ready to be enjoyed whenever you feel like it.

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